Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS), in a managed services context, is a procurement process similar to licensing. Generally speaking, a managed service provider (MSP) remotely monitors and administers hardware on a client’s site on a subscription basis. Because not all hardware lends itself to this model, some MSPs provide on-site hardware for clients and build its cost into their fees. However, this arrangement puts financial strain on the MSP. The HaaS model, in which the vendor allows customers to license the hardware directly, was developed to alleviate that financial strain.

The obvious downside to a Haas Solution is the element of extreme vendor lock.  When the relationship with the IT Vendor ends the equipment under lease or management is not owned by the client meaning that the Vendor can decide to collect the hardware or “hold for ransom” for an exorbitant amount of money to sell back the equipment to the client.  So BEWARE.